Where can I find Kroger Eschedule?

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To access your eschedule, log into https:feed. kroger .com and then enter your EUID and password. This should take you to your profile where you can check your eschedule and pay stub. It used to be at the Great People link, but no longer. It is now found in the FEED link.

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Just so, how do I get my pay stubs from Kroger?

Go to ' My Role" at the top to your right. Click on ExpressHR. Log in again then click on access internal if not at work. You should then see ' Pay stubs ', on your left.

Also, does Kroger do direct deposit? Direct Deposit to Prepaid Debit Card Avoid the time and expense of cashing paper checks, and have all or part of your paycheck or government payment loaded directly to your Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Card with Direct Deposit.

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Additionally, how do I check my schedule on Greatpeople me?

Kroger's E- schedule is located within the greatpeople. me website located in the top banner. Use your EUID and password to log into the site. The EUID will consist of first and last initials followed by five numbers. Kroger's E- schedule is available from both work computers and a home PC.

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How do I get my w2 from Kroger if I no longer work there?

How can I receive my w2 from a company i no longer work for, like kroger for the 2017 year. You should contact Kroger if you don't receive it soon. However, if you were paid W-2 wages from Kroger during tax year 2017, they should issue your tax document. They do have until January 31, 2018 to mail your W-2.

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What time does Kroger direct deposit go through?

It's deposited at 2 am on thursday morning. It might be "sent" out at 9pm, but it always depends on when your bank "accepts" it.

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What is net pay?

Net pay is the amount of pay remaining for issuance to an employee after deductions have been taken from the individual's gross pay. This is the amount paid to each employee on payday.

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What is the Kroger employee website?

Greatpeople.me is the online Kroger Employee Portal where Kroger Employees can access their personal information and as well as their Kroger's Company related information. It eases the working of Employees working at Kroger.

Maxwell Crawley   |   Member since 2008  |  ✔ Verified

What is accrued credited quantity?

This means that as time passes, an employee accumulates additional sick or vacation time and this time is placed into a bank. Once the time is accumulated, the employer or the employer's payroll provider will track the amount of time used for sick or vacation." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accrual.

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How do I check my Kroger schedule online?

How to check your Kroger Schedule Online – Feed.kroger.comPress “I AGREE” after you entered the credentials correctly. You would now be able to see your Kroger “MY E-plan” beside “Store Updates”. Presently press on it and check your schedule.

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Can I get my w2 online from Kroger?

Take Action Sign Up To Receive Your W-2 Online: Kroger associates should use the updated information found here to prepare for tax season. ExpressHR Associates can log onto www.mytaxform.com from a computer at work or at home and follow three easy steps to ensure their W2 is received correctly and timely.

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What YTD means?


Nate Casey   |   Member since 2005  |  ✔ Verified

Do you get paid for training at Kroger?

Yes, the training and orientation are all paid.

Karla Moore   |   Member since 2008  |  ✔ Verified

How do I get my w2 if no longer employed?

You may be able to obtain transcripts of your 2013 wage and income documents by accessing the Get Transcript application at irs.gov. If this tool does not work for you, you could make the request on Form 4506-T and allow 10 business days for the response.

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What does retro mean on Paystub?

Retroactive, or retro, pay is money due to an employee for work already performed but paid at a lower rate. Most commonly, it is linked to late performance appraisals, in which the employee received a pay increase that took effect in a prior pay period.

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What is ACH net CHKG?

ACH NET CHKG is direct deposit. Mine is off by $2.12 compared to net pay.

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How do I request time off at Kroger?

Go to Greatpeople.me click on your 'myschedule' then to your upper right you'll see schedule 'portal'. Click on it then go to availability and request the days you need off. You have to do this at least 2 weeks in advance. Anything under 14 days you can't request off on line.

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What is Kroger pay period?

The pay period is from Saturday to the following Sunday. A seven day pay period. The checks come in on Thursday morning, that is payday.

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What is Express HR?

Kroger My Express HR or Express HR is a platform where Employees are managed. Basically ExpressHR.com is the online Kroger Employee Portal where they can access their information related to their profile.

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