What is _ViewImports Cshtml?

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The ViewImports File. The purpose of the _ViewImports. cshtml file is to provide a mechanism to make directives available to Razor pages globally so that you don't have to add them to pages individually. The default Razor Pages template includes a _ViewImports .

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Furthermore, what is _layout Cshtml?

cshtml. _ViewStart. cshtml is included in the Views folder by default. It sets up the default layout page for all the views in the folder and its subfolders using the Layout property. You can assign a valid path of any Layout page to the Layout property.

Similarly, how does _layout Cshtml work? cshtml file, which affects all content pages in the folder in which it is placed, and all subfolders. By default, the layout file is placed in the Pages/Shared folder, but it can be placed anywhere in the application folder structure.

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Then, what is the purpose of _viewstart Cshtml?

_Viewstart. cshtml is used to place common UI logic across the Views in the folder, where it is located. This means, the views in a single folder which is having _Viewstart. cshtml will be rendered along with it.

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What is RenderBody?

RenderBody. RenderBody is called to render the content of a child view. Any content on said view that is not in a @section will be rendered by RenderBody. Using the Layout view above, that means that all content in a child view will be rendered inside the

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What is MVC Razor?

ASP.NET MVC - Razor. Razor is a markup syntax that lets you embed server-based code into web pages using C# and VB.Net. It is not a programming language. It is a server side markup language. Razor has no ties to ASP.NET MVC because Razor is a general-purpose templating engine.

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How do I create a partial view?

To create a partial view, right click on Shared folder - > select Add - > click on View. Note: If a partial view will be shared with multiple views of different controller folder then create it in the Shared folder, otherwise you can create the partial view in the same folder where it is going to be used.

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What is MVC HttpPost?

What are HttpGet and HttpPost Method in MVC? HttpGet and HttpPost, both are the method of posting client data or form data to the server. HTTP is a HyperText Transfer Protocol that is designed to send and receive data between client and server using web pages.

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What is meaning of layout in C#?

Razor has a feature called "layouts" that allow you to define a common site template, and then inherit its look and feel across all the views/pages on your web application.

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What is ViewBag title?

ViewBag is a dynamic object, which means you can put whatever you want in to it; the ViewBag object has no defined properties until you put something inside it. The ViewBag.Title property is simply a string object. In this case it's being used in the view to actually define the Title property.

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Can we have multiple layout pages in MVC?

Answer - Yes, we can use multiple Layout in ASP.Net MVC application. By default, Visual Studio adds a Layout page in a shared folder which can be used by other View pages if required. In some cases, we can have the requirement to use multiple shared layout pages in MVC application.

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What is partial view in mvc5?

Partial view in ASP.NET MVC is special view which renders a portion of view content. It is just like a user control of a web form application. Partial can be reusable in multiple views. It helps us to reduce code duplication. In other word a partial view enables us to render a view within the parent view.

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What is rendering in MVC?

A render action is a public method on the controller class. You can define a render action method to return any data, but you can only safely use it if it returns an HTML markup string.

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Can we use session in MVC?

ASP.NET MVC provides three ways (TempData, ViewData and ViewBag) to manage session, apart from that we can use session variable, hidden fields and HTML controls for the same. But like session variable these elements cannot preserve values for all requests; value persistence varies depending the flow of request.

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Can we have multiple _ViewStart in MVC?

An MVC application can have multiple _ViewStart. cshtml files. The order in which these files execute is dependent upon the location of the files in the folder hierarchy and the particular view being rendered. The MVC Runtime will first execute the code in the _ViewStart.

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What is view start?

_Viewstart Page in ASP.NET MVC 3 cshtml page is a special view page containing the statement declaration to include the Layout page. Instead of declaring the Layout page in every view page, we can use the _ViewStart page. When a View Page Start is running, the _ViewStart.

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Can you explain RenderBody and RenderPage in MVC?

A layout page can only contain one RenderBody method, but can have multiple sections. To create a section you use the RenderSection method. The difference between RenderSection and RenderPage is RenderPage reads the content from a file, whereas RenderSection runs code blocks you define in your content pages.

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What is render view in MVC?

Views in MVC render based on data that comes off the controller like the ViewData which contains the model along with the actual ViewData and ViewBag. From the View and some of the Context data a ViewContext is created which is then used to render the view with.

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