What is the difference between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding?

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Compared with wood, both vinyl siding and fiber cement are very durable exterior cladding options. Vinyl siding, however, edges out its heavier cousin because fiber cement has been known to absorb water, which can cause it—and the walls of your home underneath—to rot.

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In respect to this, which is better vinyl siding or hardiplank?

Alternatively, hardie board is denser (usually more than a quarter of an inch thick), just like real wood siding, which makes it much more durable than vinyl. Lastly, because hardie board holds up against heat and cold better than vinyl siding, hardie board does not become brittle with age.

Subsequently, question is, does fiber cement siding increase home value? Fiber Cement Sliding is a Value Raise One way to instantly increase your home's value is to add fiber cement siding. Adding fiber cement siding to your home adds to the curb side appeal, as well as keeping a lid on energy costs.

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Just so, how much more expensive is Hardie Plank than vinyl siding?

According to an RSMeans 2014 Residential Cost data report, vinyl siding costs $201 per 100 square feet to install while fiber cement costs around $300. This is due to the fact that vinyl siding is easier to install from a labor stand point and comes pre-painted.

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How long does fiber cement siding last?

Fiber cement siding is said to be more durable than wood, but does require some maintenance. It is termite resistant, water resistant, non-combustible and can be warranted for as long as 50 years. Some fiber cement siding may be required to be painted every 4-5 years depending on the top coat applied.

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Can you power wash HardiPlank siding?

You can achieve that same sparkle on your home's siding by cleaning it once or twice a year. Don't use a high-pressure power washer to get the job done, as it turns out a low-pressure hose and a soft medium bristle (nonmetal) brush is the best way to remove dirt and debris from James Hardie® siding and trim.

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What is the average cost of Hardie board siding?

$10 per square foot

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How much does it cost to replace vinyl siding with Hardie board?

Fiber cement siding cost Installation costs may also be higher because fiber cement is heavier than vinyl siding. You can expect to pay around $6 to $10 per square foot for fiber cement siding installation, while vinyl typically runs $3 to $6 per square foot.

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Is fiber cement siding too heavy?

Will HardiePlank siding be too heavy for my house with its normal wall framing? Durability and strength can come with a cost in weight. Fiber-cement siding can weigh as much as 300 lbs per square (100 square feet) versus about 25% of that for vinyl siding.

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What type of siding lasts the longest?

Stucco is another long-lasting siding choice, because with proper maintenance it can last approximately 50 years. However, stucco can be susceptible to rot and moisture, particularly if it's been painted. Wood siding can last even longer than comparable synthetic materials – even 100 years or longer.

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What is the most durable siding?

Top 5 Most Durable Siding MaterialsStucco Siding. Most commonly associated with Southwestern Spanish homes, stucco was one of the first materials used for home siding. Brick Veneer Siding. Steel Siding. Modified Wood Siding. Fiber Cement Siding.

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What's the best siding material for a house?

Types of Siding Material Siding Type Options DurabilityVinyl Excellent 20-30 yearsAluminum & Steel Good 30-50 yearsFiber Cement & Composite Good 35-50 yearsWood Excellent 50+

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How often should you paint HardiPlank siding?

I have clients that tell me that hardiplank should be painted every 8 to 10 years, but it should be cleaned and maintained to make it last that long.

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Does vinyl siding decrease home value?

Vinyl siding is a reasonably priced, lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free way of providing thermal protection to the home's exterior. According to "Remodeling Magazine's" 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, a midsize vinyl siding remodel will increase your home's value by 78.2 percent of the project's cost.

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What is the best siding for a house?

Siding Roundup: 8 Options to Beautify Your HomeBrick. 1/9. On top of its durability and aesthetics, buildings with brick masonry can be better at cooling down during hot weather than framed and sided houses. Vinyl. 2/9. Wood. 3/9. Engineered Wood. 4/9. Stucco. 5/9. Stone Veneer. 6/9. Fiber Cement. 7/9. Aluminum. 8/9.

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Is James Hardie siding worth it?

James Hardie's fiber cement siding is a great choice for many homes since it can drastically improve the curb appeal and increase home value. Overall, James Hardie is a great investment for those looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance siding material.

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What is the cheapest siding to put on a house?

Metal siding is the next cheapest (including aluminum siding prices), then wood siding, and finally stucco. While the prices vary depending on the model, availability, market and season, vinyl can come in as cheap as $4/sq. ft. whereas cedar siding can be as much as $8/sq.

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How long does Hardie board last?

50 years

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What is the best type of siding to put on a house?

Offering the look of masonry, stucco or wood at a lower cost, fiber-cement siding has become a popular siding choice for many homeowners. Fiber-cement siding is low-maintenance, non-flammable and termite-resistant. Available in a range of styles and textures, factory painting or finishes are highly recommended.

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