What is the biggest blue whale ever seen?

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Blue whales are the largest animal ever known to have lived, even larger than the dinosaurs who once roamed the Earth. In fact, the longest blue whale ever measured was 111 feet long — approximately the length of three school buses parked end to end.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the largest whale ever recorded?

Balaenoptera musculus .

One may also ask, what are the biggest whales in order? Below we will discuss ten whale species, both Baleen and toothed, starting from largest to smallest.

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Keeping this in consideration, how large can a blue whale get?

Female: 25m Northern hemisphere population, Adult Male: 24m Northern hemisphere population, Adult.

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Do whales eat humans?

They do sometimes swallow prey whole, so you could fit down their esophagus. Sperm whales sometimes swallow squid whole, so it could definitely manage a human. In fact, there's a story of a sailor being swallowed by a sperm whale off the Falkland Islands in the early 1900s.

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Do blue whales have predators?

Because of their size, power and speed, adult blue whales have virtually no natural ocean predators. The only sea creature known to attack blue whales is the orca whale (scientific name: Orcinus orca) also known as the “killer whale”. However, there are very few reports of orcas actually killing blue whales.

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How many hearts does a whale have?

A whale of a heart Like other mammals, it has four chambers.

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What is the blue whale Suicide game?

It is a "game" reportedly consisting of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period, initially innocuous before introducing elements of self-harm and the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide.

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How big is a blue whale poop?

Key points: The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. Its poo is described as smelling like a dog's, with the consistency of bread crumbs. A blue whale can excrete up to 200 litres of poo in one bowel movement.

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Are blue whales bigger than dinosaurs?

Blue whales are the largest animals that have ever lived—they're even bigger than dinosaurs! Blue whales reach 34 meters (110 feet) long and weigh as much as 172, 365 kilograms (190 tons).

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What eats a blue whale?

Blue whales lunge through large swarms of krill with their mouths open, taking in more food in one mouthful than any other animal on Earth. Krill make up the vast majority of a blue whale's diet. The blue whale is a filter-feeder.

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Where do blue whales breed?

The breeding grounds of Southern Hemisphere blue whales are still unknown but are thought to lie somewhere in the deep oceanic waters of the tropical South Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. A new born blue whale calf weighs 2.5 tonnes and can, in the latter stages of suckling, put on 100 kg a day.

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Is a Megalodon shark bigger than a blue whale?

Monster-size sharks in The Meg reach lengths of 20 to 25 meters (66 to 82 feet). That's massive, although a tad smaller than the longest known blue whales. Scientists have made estimates of how big C. megalodon got, based on the size of their fossil teeth.

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How big is a newborn blue whale?

about 23 feet

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How long do blue whales live?

80 – 90years In the wild

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How big is a sperm whale's brain?

Size matters, but it's not everything The largest brain on earth belongs to the sperm whale, the same species as the main character in Melville's yarn. The adult sperm whale brain is 8, 000 cubic centimeters. Our brain is about 1300 cubic centimeters.

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How many hearts does a blue whale have?

A blue whale heart pumps about 60 gallons (7, 680 ounces) of blood with each beat. In comparison, a human heart pumps merely 2.4 ounces with each beat. The aorta of a blue whale heart is so big that a human being could crawl through it!

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Can you survive if you get swallowed by a whale?

Yes, they can swallow large prey. They can swallow large seals whole. We know sperm whales can swallow giant squid whole, so chances are, they could swallow a human whole. If you can survive the being swallowed part of it and get past all those teeth, you then will find yourself in a complex digestive system.

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How strong is a blue whale?

“Blue whales are the strongest and it is due to their massive size, ” says Mr Logan. The blue whale measured in the study had an estimated body mass of 70, 800 kg. It produced a maximum force of 60 kN. Given that blue whales can reach twice this weight, others are likely to be even more powerful.

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