What does resignedly mean?

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resignedly - with resignation and acceptance; in a resigned manner; " resignedly, I telegraphed back that it was all right with me if he insisted" 2. resignedly - in a hopeless resigned manner; "she shrugged her shoulders abjectly"

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In this regard, what is a synonym for resignedly?

Words related to resigned calmly, bravely, quietly, meekly, dispassionately, enduringly, impassively, imperturbably, submissively, tolerantly.

what does resignedly mean in the outsiders? having a difficult and contrary disposition. He's trying to tame his country's demons when many see ornery cussedness as a founding virtue. resignedly. with resignation and acceptance; in a resigned manner. "Drivers prefer coffee of the golden arches, " he said a little resignedly.

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Keeping this in view, how do you use resignedly in a sentence?

resignedly Sentence Examples

  1. She realized that the leader probably knew more than her, and decided to resignedly listen to him.
  2. Resignedly, I allowed him to pick the restaurant since he did not like any of my choices.
  3. The children did not want to stop playing, but they resignedly put their toys away at their mother's request.

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What does ruefully sassy mean?

adjective. causing sorrow or pity; pitiable; deplorable: a rueful plight. feeling, showing, or expressing sorrow or pity; mournful; doleful: the rueful look on her face.

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How do you use ember in a sentence?

embers Sentence ExamplesWhen his ministry began its fires were slowly dying down, though the embers still glowed. He felt as if he had swallowed the contents of an ashbin while embers still lived. After burning for twenty-four hours the smouldering embers were extinguished with libations of wine.

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How do you use premonition in a sentence?

premonition Sentence ExamplesThe premonition was wrong. He must have had a premonition, because the truck broke down on her way home the following week. He had been gone over a week now, but the premonition persisted.

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What does aloofness mean?

Aloofness is a noun meaning a state of being distant, remote, or withdrawn. Someone showing aloofness might be shy, or just really doesn't want to be around people. Aloofness is from the adjective aloof originally a nautical term.

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What is the antonym of sassy?

Antonyms for (adjective) sassy Main entry: overbold, smart, sassy, saucy, wise, impertinent, impudent, fresh. Definition: improperly forward or bold. Usage: don't be fresh with me; impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup; an impudent boy given to insulting strangers; Don't get wise with me!

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How do you use ruefully in a sentence?

rueful Sentence ExamplesHe made it and gave her a rueful smile before dropping down beside her. Daniel just looked at him with a rueful grin. He gazed down into the river water, with what looked like a fond, rueful smile. rueful grin. rueful smile.

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What is the synonym of Resign?

Choose the Right Synonym for resign relinquish, yield, resign, surrender, abandon, waive mean to give up completely. relinquish usually does not imply strong feeling but may suggest some regret, reluctance, or weakness.

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Is triumphantly an adjective?

adjective. having achieved victory or success; victorious; successful. exulting over victory; rejoicing over success; exultant. Archaic.

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How do you use defiance in a sentence?

Sentence ExamplesDespite her defiance, her voice shook. There was challenge and defiance in her gaze. Aggravated by her second display of defiance in one night, he crossed to her and planted his hands on either side of her chair, demanding her attention.

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What's another word for sassy?

Offensively bold or disrespectful; insolent or impertinent. Immodest.

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How do you use contemptuous in a sentence?

contemptuous Sentence ExamplesShe did not sit down but looked at him with a contemptuous smile, waiting for the valet to go. One of the audience, with a contemptuous remark, took a handful of pebbles to pelt him with. In contemptuous condemnation he was called the friend of the outcasts (Matt.

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What is the synonym of accepting?

assent (to), concede (to), confirm, consent (to), OK.

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What does brusquely mean?

adjective. abrupt in manner; blunt; rough: A brusque welcome greeted his unexpected return.

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How do you use the word gallantly in a sentence?

gallantly in a sentenceMost of them are struggling gallantly to get through the day. Jane Henman sat gallantly in the Royal Box counting the raindrops. Jeremy knows better, but he gallantly keeps his chin up. The ex-GI gallantly volunteers to pose as her husband. He gallantly offered to crank the car for the stranded driver.

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What part of speech is rueful?

rueful part of speech: adjectivedefinition 1: inspiring sorrow or pity. synonyms: doleful, pathetic, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, sorrowful similar words: distressing, lamentable, poignant, poor, sad, woebegone, woeful

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