What does new ground mean?

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to break new ground. phrase. If you break new ground, you do something completely different or you do something in a completely different way.

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Consequently, what does breaking ground mean?

Verb. to break ground. (literally) To begin digging in the earth at the start of a new construction, or, originally, for cultivation. They broke ground on the new library last month. (idiomatic) To initiate a new venture, or to advance beyond previous achievements.

Beside above, what does shot in the arm mean? A stimulus or booster, something vitalizing or encouraging, as in Getting a new concertmaster was a real shot in the arm for the orchestra. This colloquial expression alludes to a stimulant given by injection. [.

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Also Know, what does it mean to break a fall?

break someone's fall to cushion a falling person; to lessen the impact of a falling person. When the little boy fell out of the window, the bushes broke his fall. The old lady slipped on the ice, but a snowbank broke her fall.

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What does breaking new ground mean?

to break new ground. phrase. If you break new ground, you do something completely different or you do something in a completely different way.

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Can you survive a bullet to the arm?

You can die from being shot in the arm or leg, but it largely depends on how long it takes for you to get medical attention. The most likely causes of death from a gunshot wound to an extremity are exsanguination (bleeding out) and infection. A shot to the leg depends mainly on if the femoral artery is damaged.

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What is shot in the dark?

a shot in the dark. informal. an attempt to guess something when you have no information or knowledge about the subject and therefore cannot possibly know what the answer is. Guesses and assumptions.

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What is a shot in the dark coffee?

A Shot in the Dark is a nice little drink. It's your normal brewed coffee (hopefully made with premium, fresh roasted, fresh ground beans) with a double espresso shot added for good measure. It's pretty straightforward, but not many people know about this wonder booster. It is also known as a Depth Charge

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What does it mean to take a shot in the dark?

take a shot in the dark. (idiomatic) To try or guess at something without having any knowledge about the subject.

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Is it groundbreaking or ground breaking?

Grammarist: not a dictionary-approved word. Ground breaking, ground-breaking, groundbreaking: The two-word and hyphenated forms are sometimes used for the breaking of ground at the start of a construction project, but the one-word form has gained prevalence and is the most common spelling for all senses of the word.

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What does break the spell mean?

break the spell. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English break the spellto make someone stop paying all their attention to something, or to make a time stop feeling special He lay still, not wanting to break the spell.

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