How tall should a bar top be?

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Standard bar heights are 40 and 42 inches from the floor. This is slightly higher than countertop height, which is generally 34 to 36 inches above the floor.

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In respect to this, what is the standard height of a bar?

Standard bar heights are 40 and 42 inches from the floor. This is slightly higher than countertop height, which is generally 34 to 36 inches above the floor.

Additionally, how wide should a bar top be? Home bar tops are usually between 12- to 16-inches wide. Commercial bar tops vary from 20- to 28-inches in width, including a drink rail (or trough) on the server side of the bar. Drink rails are typically 3/4-inch deep by 4-inches wide.

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Also know, what is the standard height for a bar stool?

A counter-height bar stool is commonly 23-28 inches from the floor to the seat (23- to 28- inch seat height). Pair counter-height bar stools with 35 to 37- inch table heights. A bar-height bar stool is commonly 29-32 inches from the floor to the seat (29 to 32- inch seat height).

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What is the best height for a breakfast bar?

Breakfast Bar Height Options Generally, there are three standard height options for breakfast bar counters: 30 inches, 36 inches and 42 inches above the floor.

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What is the height of a bar counter?

A bar-height table generally measures in the 40- to 42-inch height range. A counter-height table runs about 34 to 36 inches tall, and standard dining-height tables range from 28 to 30 inches tall. How do I choose chairs or stools for the counter and bar-height tables?

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What is the difference between counter height and bar height?

Bar height tables are about 42" high and bar height stools are about 30" high. If you're looking for stools to go with your bar, choose bar height stools; counter height stools are too short for a bar.

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What is the best wood for a bar top?

Finding the Best Wood for Bar Tops Our most popular reclaimed hardwoods are pine, chestnut and oak. Understanding the qualities of each will help you choose the best wood for bar tops for your home or business. Oak is strong, stiff and resistant to warping. It's a good choice for outdoor bars.

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What is the best material for a bar top?

What are the Best Bar Top Materials? Laminate. Laminate is an affordable material that is easy to care for and available in a wide range of colors and styles. Granite. If you are looking for something high-end, granite is a great option. Solid Surface. Corian and other solid surface counters are a great choice for bar tops. Marble. Wood.

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How can I make my bar stools taller?

How to Make a Stool HigherAssemble the chair leg extenders according to the package directions, if necessary. Insert the same number of spacer pieces inside each leg extender if your model of extender has this option. Fit a leg extender on the bottom of each leg of the stool. Decide how high you want your stool seat to be.

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How much of an overhang for a bar top?

Standard Overhang: Raised Bar Top A raised bar should be between 42 to 48 inches high. This will provide enough room to accommodate bar stools. For these surfaces, the standard overhang is 12 inches.

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How high should a kitchen bar top be?

The standard kitchen bar height is 42 inches.A raised bar helps to hide the clutter that generally gathers around the sink like soap and sponges, and even dishes. A bar-height counter can help to create a definition of space between the kitchen and the rest of the home.

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What size bar stool do I need for a 45 inch counter?

Counter height stools are 24 to 26 inches tall. Use these at kitchen counters which are 36 to 39 inches high. Bar height stools have seats that are about 26 to 31 inches tall. These will fit at bars, counters, and bar tables that are 40 to 45 inches tall.

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Are all bar stools the same height?

Bar Stool Height Stools with a seat height of 28 to 33 inches work best with bar-height counters. Like the counter itself, stools are measured from the floor to the top of the seat. Some bars, known as tall bars, measure 44 to 47 inches in height. These taller bars require a stool between 33 and 36 inches high.

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How tall should a bar stool be for a 48 inch counter?

Pair bar-height bar stools with 40 to 42-inch table heights. Spectator-Height Stools: A spectator-height bar stool is commonly 33-34 inches from the floor to the seat (33 to 34-inch seat height). Pair spectator-height bar stools with 45 to 48-inch table heights.

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How much space is needed behind a bar?

Allow at least 36 inches between the bar and the back bar or wall. This is a bare minimum to allow a single bartender space. If constructing a large bar, where it is possible more than one person will be behind the bar, allow more space. The builder should also plan the electrical outlets and lighting for the bar.

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How wide are bar stools?

Bar stools typically measure 16-21 inches wide. For comfortable seating allow 24 inches of seating space per person.

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What is normal counter height?

about 36 inches

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How do you adjust the height of a bar stool?

Once you have the exact height of your bar or counter, look for a bar stool that's approximately 10 inches shorter. Measure the height of a stool from the floor to the top of the seat; this leaves enough room to sit comfortably with legs crossed.

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