How do you remove the front panel on a Maytag Bravos XL dryer?

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Full Reset

  1. Unplug the Maytag clothes dryer from the power source. Remove the four screws.
  2. Lift the door slightly and pull back. The door and the hinges will disengage.
  3. The front panel of the Maytag clothes dryer is shaped like a goal post. Grasp the skinny, upper sides and wiggle them back and forth to unclip the panel .
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Also question is, how do I reset my Maytag Bravos dryer?

Full Reset Disconnect the power to the Maytag dryer and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, restore power and make a new selection. If the problem persists or the dryer will not operate, disconnect power once again and call Maytag for service.

Subsequently, question is, how do you manually unlock a Maytag washer? Reach up along the inside of the front and locate the bottom of the door switch/lock mechanism. Located on the bottom of the door switch/lock mechanism is a tear shaped tab. Gently pull the tab down about 1/4 inch or until a click is heard. The door can now be opened.

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Also, where are the fuses on a Maytag dryer?

Maytag Dryer Thermal Fuse This fuse is located on the exhaust duct. If the dryer overheats, the thermal fuse opens to cut off power to the dryer.

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How do you open the front panel of a washing machine?

Washers How to Remove Front Panel 1995 to Current Models

  1. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet.
  2. Locate 2 spring clips between top and front panel (Approximately 4 inches in from corners.)
  3. Insert putty knife between top and front panel and push in to release clips.
  4. Pull top of front panel forward, lift up and off bottom locating tabs.

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How do you take apart a Maytag Atlantis washing machine?

How to Take Apart a Maytag Atlantis WasherUnplug the Maytag Atlantis washer from the electrical wall outlet. Remove the three screws on top of the control console rear cover plate with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Label each of the wiring harnesses and connections with masking tape.

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How do you take the front panel off a Maytag Atlantis washer?

How to Remove the Front Cover on a Maytag AtlantisInsert a putty knife between the front and top panels, on the left and right sides, to release the spring clips. Lift the top panel up and rotate it over the washer. Remove the two 5/16-inch screws on the inside of the front panel. Tilt the front panel toward you and lift it up and off the machine.

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